Investing in a Condominium Unit Vs. House and Lot
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Investing in a Condominium Unit Vs. House and Lot

Investing in properties can be a lucrative form of income. Others even enjoy passive income because if their real estate properties. With careful planning, yes, you can achieve this. However, you have to check whether you have the time and resources to back up ROI or Return of Investment. If you want it immediate, it's better to invest in condominium units because there is a big chance of having it rented right away. Otherwise, you can play around with your house and lot property and price it accordingly for a possible resale.

Real Estate in industry is very promising especially if your location is very strategic.  A property located in commercial areas have higher appraised value than the ones far from pedestrian traffic.   Even if you own acres of land but no one is living near the area, its appraised value  is much compared to a very small condominium unit located in business districts. 

There are people who would opt to travel for hours everyday just to go home to their spacious home sweet home. Others would consider convenience over large space.  Now,  the question is, if you are to invest on a property for business purposes, which would you prefer?  Are you going to purchase a condominium unit in the metropolis that is not that big of a space but near everything you need, hospital, grocery, malls, and work?  Are you the type of person who would consider comfortable large space?  What property do think would be more profitable for you?

First of all, you need to answer this question  for you determine which property is best to invest your resources with.

What is your purpose in purchasing the your property? 

                If you are targeting young professionals to rent your property, a condominium unit for instance, you may want to consider a condominium located in business districts.  At least, even if you are still paying mortgage for your condominium unit, there is an assured  income that can liquidate your monthly amortization.

                However, if you want to think of unlimited potentials you may benefit from your real estate property in the future, you for sure would want to consider a much larger property outside business districts.  Who knows, someday, another Disneyland will be constructed near your area that can result in a dramatic increase in your properties appraised value.   Secondly investing in real estate properties, a house in lot in particular, have more flexibility compared to a condominium unit.  You can renovate a house and have it up for resale with a much higher value.  Then outright you can get your profit. 

 Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, with guaranteed income to liquidate your investment, you should consider investing in properties near business districts because this gives you a higher chance of generating an assured income every month if you’ll have it leased.  However, most of the time you are not in the liberty to make major improvements to comply with the developer’s condominium theme.   Now, if you are considering  flexibility in the potential income of your real estate property, investing in a house and lot is best for you.

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This is great information. I have never looked into a condominium before. Voted up

Useful article on investment. Thank you Juliana. Voted.